DIY Paper Plate Tambourines

Making your own musical instruments can be a delightful project for both children and adults. Among the easiest and most enjoyable instruments to make at home are paper plate tambourines. This guide will walk you through the steps to create your own paper plate tambourine, perfect for musical play, classroom activities, or festive occasions.

Materials Needed

  • 2 sturdy paper plates
  • Beans, rice, or small bells
  • A stapler or strong tape
  • Markers, paint, or stickers for decoration
  • A hole punch (optional)
  • Ribbons or yarn (optional)

Step 1: Decorate Your Plates

Start by decorating the bottom side of each paper plate. You can use markers, paint, or stickers to add color and design. This step is particularly enjoyable for children, allowing them to express their creativity. Let the plates dry completely if you’re using paint.

Step 2: Fill and Seal

Place the two plates together, with the decorated sides facing outward. Before sealing them, add your choice of sound-making materials, such as beans, rice, or small bells, between the plates. The amount you add will determine the sound your tambourine makes, so feel free to experiment.

Once filled, carefully staple the edges of the plates together, ensuring a tight seal. You can also use strong tape for a smoother finish. Ensure the staples or tape are securely fastened to prevent any materials from falling out during use.

Step 3: Add Ribbons or Yarn (Optional)

For an extra touch of flair and to enhance the visual impact of your tambourine, use a hole punch around the edges of the plates and thread through ribbons or yarn. This step is optional but adds a lovely visual element and can be quite engaging, especially for children.

Playing Your Tambourine

Once your tambourine is complete, it’s ready to be played. Simply hold it in one hand and tap or shake the tambourine with the other. You can also hit it against your hip to create different rhythms. Paper plate tambourines are a fantastic way to introduce children to the joys of music and rhythm, and they’re also a great addition to any festive occasion.

Making paper plate tambourines is a simple, fun activity that encourages creativity, rhythm, and the joy of making music. Whether for educational purposes, a party craft, or simply as a fun weekend project, these tambourines are sure to bring smiles and music to your day.






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