Creating Paper Bag Luminaries

Light up your evenings with the soft, enchanting glow of paper bag luminaries. This guide will take you through a step-by-step process to create these beautiful, glowing decorations that are perfect for any occasion, be it a garden party, a quiet evening at home, or a festive celebration. Not only are they easy and inexpensive to make, but they also add a charming ambiance that can transform any space. In about five minutes, you’ll learn how to bring this magical touch into your life.

Materials Needed

  • Paper bags (lunch-size works well)
  • Scissors
  • Sand or small pebbles
  • Battery-operated tea lights or real tea light candles (if using outdoors and it’s safe to do so)
  • Optional: Hole punch, stamps, or markers for decoration

Step 1: Decorate Your Paper Bags

Begin by decorating your paper bags to your liking. You can use stamps, markers, or even cut out shapes with scissors to create designs that will shine through when illuminated. If you want a more uniform look, using a hole punch to create patterns can be a simple and elegant solution. Allow your creativity to flow and personalize your luminaries to fit the theme of your event or decor.

Step 2: Adding Weight

Once your bags are decorated, add a couple of inches of sand or small pebbles to the bottom of each bag. This weight ensures that your luminaries stay in place and are not easily knocked over by the wind. It also provides a safe base to place your tea lights on, particularly if you’re using real candles.

Step 3: Light It Up

The final step is the most magical—lighting up your luminaries. If you’re using battery-operated tea lights, simply turn them on and place one in each bag. For real tea light candles, make sure the environment is safe (away from flammable materials) and that the luminaries are in a controlled, outdoor area. Light the candles and carefully place them inside the bags on top of the sand or pebbles.

Tips for Success

  • Always monitor real candles closely to prevent fire hazards. Never leave them unattended.
  • For outdoor events, consider the weather forecast. Paper bag luminaries work best on calm nights without rain.
  • Luminaries made with battery-operated lights can be a safer alternative for indoor events or in homes with pets and children.
  • To use your luminaries more than once, store them flat and in a dry place. You can easily refill them with tea lights for your next event.

With these simple steps, you’ve now learned how to create your own enchanting paper bag luminaries. Whether lining the walkway to your home or adding a warm ambiance to your living space, these luminaries promise to bring a magical touch to any setting.






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